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Halloween 2013

First of all, I’d like to say I’m really sorry about my lack of updates! I have several planned that I will be posting as soon as possible.  If you didn’t know, I’m currently in Japan studying abroad until May.


When I went to update the blog a a few weeks ago, Flickr was beta-ing their redesign, and the HTML coding was missing from the beta and the original site, so I had to wait until they fixed it.


I didn’t wear kimono from the time of the last post until Halloween except for Otakon, which, due to  a lack of pictures, I regretfully will not be posting about.  So, for Halloween, my dorm and one of the other study-abroad dorms threw a Halloween party, so of course, I took the opportunity to wear kimono.  For this occasion I decided to wear my newly-bought-in-Japan yukata with spider webs and new black hakama. The hakama are a tad long, so I need to hem them a  bit, it’s kind of tedious, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Ryouji and I in our kimono.



Brittany in a lolita cat outfit.



After the party, I changed into something a bit warmer and more comfortable.


Babette as a maid.



Ayaka and I.



Jen as sushi.



The next post will be up shortly, and I have a lot lined up, so please look foward to it!



Pitt Spring Fling 2012

Several weeks ago, my college’s Asian Studies Department put on a party for students of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I of course did a kimono demonstration. When I asked for volunteers, my friend Jamie’s hand shot up first. Now, you may remember Jamie; she was with me on our trip to Otakon, so I was really relieved, since I already had experience dressing her:

Jamie in Dance Kurotomesode

Jamie in dance kuro-tomesode

I wore my Meiji outfit again, which garnered some questions from Takabatake-sensei, who was very shocked to learn I get all my kimono from eBay.

Excuse the picture quality, my friend was able to snap some shots with his phone, and I forgot to tell someone to be the paparazzi for me. I should see if any of my teachers have pictures.



Spring Fling 2012
Done! I was dying of heat by the end. lol But I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.