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Katsucon Panel Pictures

Hello everyone!

If you attended my panel at Katsucon and got pictures, could you comment on this post or send me an email please? I didn’t think to have anyone take any for me, and I’d like some for the blog. >.<

Thank you to everyone who came, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you also to my volunteer Emily and Andy who recognized me from my Youtube videos!


Italian Class Halloween

I’m so sorry everyone for being away for so long! With school having started back up again, I’ve been rather busy, but I have a few things to write about which I’ll hopefully get to this weekend!

Even though we weren’t really affected by it here in Pittsburgh, except for several days of rain, due to Hurricane Sandy here on the East coast, the mayor pushed Halloween back until this Saturday, so more on that later.  But for Halloween, my Italian class was supposed to dress up as something that reminds you of Italy. My teacher is just facinated that my friend Shay and I are Japanese majors, and she likes to make examples out of us in class often. So for Halloween, she asked me if I could dress her up in kimono for class, which I was more than happy to do.  She was just so excited all week to be a professoressa di giapponese, which made me very happy!  She realted it to Italy because Madam Butterfly is one of her favorite operas. Choosing to forgo the extra credit, Shay and I dressed up in kimono too.  I got to wear my casual men’s kimono I got at Otakon, and I went with the Meiji-esque collared shirt underneath (I still need some casual hakama for it to look right). I dressed my professor in front of the class, and I was glad to see they seemed quite intrigued.  We also got Italian goodies and class let out early, so that was really nice too. lol



This time for the kimono challenge tag, I’ll be covering numbers 5 and 8.


1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
3. Your most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.).
4. Your least used kimono item(s).
5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.
6. What you like and don’t like about kimono.
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).
9. Your biggest kimono fears.
10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.
11. Your kimono collection.
12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
13. Your special kimono memory.

5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.

First up is my bamboo and yabane komon with mahjong chuuya obi. I love how summer-y this outfit is. Definitely one of my ensembles for Otakon.
初めは竹と矢羽の小紋とマージャン昼夜帯だ。 夏みたいなアンサンブルが好きだ。 こらは Otakon でぜったい着る。




Full set here.

Next up is my Meiji style yabane komon and hakama. The kimono and hakama are from Kim, as well as the fan I was carrying that day. I absolutely love the Meiji era, and this outfit takes me back in time.
次は明治スタイル矢飛白小紋と袴だ。着物と袴はきみこからだ,扇子も。 明治時代が大好きで、これを着ろ時に懐古趣味があるのだ。




And last, my second ensemble (and kimono) ever, which I put together for Halloween 2010. I haven’t worn this ensemble since, but I’ve worn the kimono one other time. Everything just came together so well and it really got that spooky vibe I wanted.
最後は私の二番のアンサンブルだ。ハロウイーン2010年に着たのだ。 あの時からまだ着なかったけど、着物は一度着た。 すべてよく似合って、薄気味の悪いのが欲しかった。


Blue-gray Momiji Houmongi

8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).

This dance kimono. It and it’s twins have escaped me 3 times now. One day it will. be. mine.
この踊り着物だ。 これとダブルは三度逃げた。一日ぜったい私のになるよ!


This entire ensemble. It has plaid and fleur-de-lis! What more could I ask for!?!?
すべてのアンサンブルが欲しい。 プラードとフーローデリースがあるのだよ!ほかに何かあるだろう?


This yukata. It’s on noppin now for like $300 dollars. It’s in a bunch of summer kimono magazines, and I’ve just fallen in love with it.
この浴衣も欲しい。 今noppinにあるけど、$300なんだ。。。たくさんの夏の着物の雑誌にあって、これが好きになった。

Magazine yukata 3

Tanabata is my favorite Japanese holiday, and this kimono is just awesome. The color and starry pattern are just perfect.
七夕は一番日本の祭りで、この着物はすごい。 色と星空は完璧だ。

tanabata kimono

And finally, my dream kimono, which escaped me about 2 years ago. I still mourn for it.
末に、 私の夢の着物で、 二年前逃げた。 まだ悔やむ。

Dream Kimono

Pitt Spring Fling 2012

Several weeks ago, my college’s Asian Studies Department put on a party for students of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I of course did a kimono demonstration. When I asked for volunteers, my friend Jamie’s hand shot up first. Now, you may remember Jamie; she was with me on our trip to Otakon, so I was really relieved, since I already had experience dressing her:

Jamie in Dance Kurotomesode

Jamie in dance kuro-tomesode

I wore my Meiji outfit again, which garnered some questions from Takabatake-sensei, who was very shocked to learn I get all my kimono from eBay.

Excuse the picture quality, my friend was able to snap some shots with his phone, and I forgot to tell someone to be the paparazzi for me. I should see if any of my teachers have pictures.



Spring Fling 2012
Done! I was dying of heat by the end. lol But I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

Tekkoshocon X 2012

Tekkoshocon, my home town’s convention, celebrated its 10th annivery this past weekend. I’ve been going to Tekko since I was a sophomore in high school, and to my dismay, it’s gone down hill in my opinion. The main reason for this is it’s movement from the David L Lawrence Convention center to the Wyndham Grand Hotel Pittsburgh. Tekko boasts about 3000 attendants each year, which is quite large. The hotel doesn’t really fit that many people well. Things maybe looking up though as rumor has it that it may be moving back after we were able to book all the reserved rooms at the hotel and then some. But I digress. This year was actually quite fun as I had a friend come along with me on Saturday and I met up with a few other friends. As I said in my last post, I also got a nice turn out for my panel.

I didn’t take many pictures this year, but here are the ones I took:

First, I did a Meiji-inspired outfit that I saw in a manga. I used my favorite dance piece with a white polo underneath, completed with hakama and no obi. This is one of my new favorite outfits! It was super comfy and flow-y and I felt like it was greatly my style. I definitely love Meiji inspired outfits and I would love to explore this style more.


011 (1)

I also got to meet Youtube star Dejavudea and she was kind enough to take a picture with me. As you can see, I also wore my yukata outfit this weekend, which I’ve already shown a few times.

As for cosplay pictures, I only have two. The first is a picture of King Kazma, a character from one of my favorite anime movies, Summer Wars (サマーウォーズ).

Lastly, I got a picture of three awesome cosplayers as white-outfit Marth from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and Cloud Strife (Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 outfit).

I’m sorry I don’t have more for you, but there a few things coming soon as well  as an analytical/historical post to change things up a little.

Yabane Komon with Hakama

So I temporarily stole Kim’s hakama too to put with this outfit.  I absolutely LOVE this outfit and I’m glad I finally got to do a yabane and hakama combo! The hakama are navy, so they didn’t photograph well, but I have an occasion in mind for wearing this again. Here’s the pictures: