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Back in November, my study abroad program (IES) brought us to Kyoto. It was our final and biggest trip for the semester, so of course I decided to wear kimono My friend Brittany decided to finally get her first kimono set, so I helped her get all the stuff she needed before she left. She chose a beautiful komon with red and orange maple leaves, which was perfect for the season. Her obi was a green hanhaba obi with owls. I chose my blue wool set

Our first stop on the trip was Kiyomizudera. The weekend we went was apparently the peak of the momijigari (maple-viewing) season, which is evident from this picture.





I also helped my friend John get a full kimono set before we went on the trip. He’s really tall, so opted for hakama, which worked really well. We also got randomly interviewed in front of Kiyomizudera by a Japanese reporter asking us why we were in Kyoto and why we were in kimono.





Later, we made our own sensu!


That night, we did the coolest thing I did the entire year: had an ozashiki with geisha! Our geiko was my favorite geiko Tsuneyuu’s younger sister Tsunemomo, our maiko was Hisamomo, and our jimae geiko was Tsunekazu. I asked if we could talk to them one-on-one after we played Konpira Fune Fune. Tsunemomo was very excited to learn that her older sister was my favorite geisha, and that I had gone to see her in the Gion Odori and she said she’d tell Tsuneyuu. =D They also both did a dance for us.








The next day, we went to Nijojou and walked around the garden. Only John I wore kimono the second day.


The nightengale floors of Nijojou





After that, we went to Kinkaku-ji.





The last day, we went to Arashiyama which is a beautiful little place outside of Kyoto, about 20 minutes by train. We got to ride the rickshaws for quite some time and went through the bamboo grove.







There are a bunch of other cool pictures in the full set here.


Back in the beginning of April, the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department at my school had its annual “Spring Fling.” I did a whole kimono demo last year, but to save on time this year and do something different, I did a fukura suzume musubi demo. My friend Mariah volunteered to be my model. I dressed her in kimono behind the scenes, and then just did the obi for the demo. It was actually my first time tying fukura suzume, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I had to reference my book a few times though. At one point I had to have my teacher come over and hold the tesaki while I tied the obi-jime cause I didn’t have enough hands! I’m also jealous how well this kimono fits my friend haha. I didn’t get to wear kimono because as soon as I was done, I had to run to class. =/

四月四日East Asian Languages and Literaturesっていう学部はSpring Flingっていうパーティーをしました。去年着物デモをまるごとしたけど、今年違うのにして、ふくら雀デモをしました。Mariahっていう友達はボランティアのモデルでした。じかんがなくて、デモの前に着せて、デモのために帯しか結ばなかったのです。実はふくら雀を結ぶのが初めてだったので、見た目がよかったとおもいます。本を何度か見なくてはなりませんでしたけどね。私の手だけ足りなかったから、先生が手伝わなければ一人でできなかったのです!その先すぐ授業があったから、着物を着れてしまわなかったのです。





Spring Fling 2

Spring Fling 3

spring fling 2013  kanisawa


Spring Fling 1




How did I do? ^_^

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I have a few that I’ll be doing soon. I’m just kind of doing the ones I want to do right now, so the events that I’m writing about will be slightly out of order. These two events happened on the same weekend, so I’m putting these two together.

We’ll start with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU – a univeristy down the street from my own) Matsuri.  There were some great live performances and a ton of different Japanese foods. I had okonomiyaki, my favorite! My friends and I went down in a group, and I decided the weather would be perfect for my blue wool ensemble. When we got there, we saw two of my Japanese teachers, Tomoda-sensei and Otani-sensei. Tomoda-sensei took some pictures for us:

CMU Matsuri
Everyone ^_^

CMU Matsuri
My ensemble.

I really need to make or buy white haori-himo, but a random and very short shoelace worked just fine, if not a little tacky.

The next was Pitt’s Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) at which I had a table where I dressed up anyone who wanted to in kimono. I had a few different outfits to choose from. No guy did it, but I had several girls who were very excited to get dressed up.










My kouhai Liv


My other kouhai Gina

Two ladies at the table beside me were doing calligraphy for  people. I got to speak to them in Japanese, something I don’t get to do much with people who aren’t my teachers. They wrote “hikari kimono” for me and it’s beautiful. They are very talented.

This event was really tiring, but spreading the kimono love makes it fun! ^_^


Katsucon Panel Pictures

Hello everyone!

If you attended my panel at Katsucon and got pictures, could you comment on this post or send me an email please? I didn’t think to have anyone take any for me, and I’d like some for the blog. >.<

Thank you to everyone who came, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you also to my volunteer Emily and Andy who recognized me from my Youtube videos!

Kimono Demo for Pitt JCA

Back in October, I did a kimono demo for the Japan Culture Association. I dressed a fellow Japanese student, Loren. Since it was near October, I dressed her in my usual Halloween ensemble. Everyone really seemed to like the demo, and I got a bunch of questions afterwards.







So I decided to start getting more men’s stuff for my collection. I hope I’ll get to use them in Japan next year too. I’d still like to find a few more things: a formal haori, informal hakama, another kaku obi, and another cool colored kimono.

I finally found a black/blue kimono I really like, and it came with a haori too. It’s also nice and big.

Black and Blue Men's Kimono

Black and Blue Mens Haori

It has light blue threads!

Black and Blue Men's Kimono Detail

Then I found this thing called a nakagi. It’s like a dounuki for guys I guess. I mean, I guess that makes sense, but I never really thought about it…

Nakagi 3

Nakagi 4

It has this really cool, fine design.

Nakagi 5

I’ll probably wear these for Christmas, so look forward to pictures!

Otakon 2012

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long; I was preparing for Otakon for the month and a half prior.  But I have a few posts to make up for it. Friday was cosplay day, and I dressed up as Mori Ranmaru from Pokemon Conquest. I’ll do another blog post about that later.  Friday was pretty chill, I bought a new men’s gray tsumugi so now I have some casual men’s wear.  Rachel, Collin, and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, and of course I had to have the general Tsao’s; how else do you judge a Chinese restaurant?


For dinner, I went to a pretty authentic Irish restaurant called Tir Na Nog in the Inner Harbor with my friend Cooper. It’s really nice and is on the second story, overlooking the harbor. I got fish and chips and we caught the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We sat there in awe, it was just amazing! Afterwards, I made Cooper do an impromptu photoshoot for me by the fountain.  Looking at the pictures now, I was a tad disheveled, but hey, we were walking around in 9o° F+ weather. I’m still really happy with them.






Saturday was our big day!  9:30-11:30AM workshop was a huge success! We got about a 40-50 person turn out.  The models were so happy to be dressed up, which made me really happy. We did men’s kimono with hakama, women’s yukata, women’s informal (komon with nagoya obi), and women’s kurotomesode with fukuro. If you were at the workshop, tell us how we did in the comments, and tell us what you would like to see or have us change about it for next year! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!




Then, we had the pleasure of helping people dress; it was a lot of fun! I got to speak to man who was a JET; just what I want to do! so that was really nice. I also got to talk to a guy who worked in Japan, and I loved listening to his stories as well. While I was helping the guys, Rachel was helping out the girls.



Then I went off with my friend Cooper for a photoshoot with his friends/cosplay group. They did Hitman cosplays, which admittedly, I know next to nothing about. I more or less took pictures for him, and I got some pics of the Zelda photoshoot beside us while I was at it. And I got some Assassin’s Creed for my friend.







We visited my favorite vendor, Yokodana Kimono, before he headed off for our big dinner. I just love these two; they are wonderful.


Dinner was a blast, and the food was great. I was so happy to see everyone have such a good time.




Rachel, Collin, and my sushi boat.


And then mochi icecreaaammmmm!!! Red bean (my favorite) and green tea!



Once we were back at the hotel, I had Jean take some pictures for me.





And Izzy’s rave outfit.


I just went and hung around the convention a little more, then went to hang out with Cooper for the night.
Sunday was pretty chill, no cosplay or kimono. That’s it for now! I have a few more posts I’m working on, and school will be starting soon, so I’ll be able to pay more attention to the blog again.

Blog Redesign!

Hi everyone!  I’m excited to officially share with you the midnight premier of the new blog design! It actually took me quite a long time to get it to my liking. I think it’s much more mature looking than the old blog design, and much prettier to look at.  All the widgets are in the same place in the right sidebar, and the page tabs are up at the top. There is a new addition at the very bottom of the page displaying the most popular posts and pages, the site stats, and monthly archives. The blog theme also came with a random box in the upper right which said something stupid, so I thought I would add my own little haiku! ^^

I chose Tokyo Tower to be the blog’s new theme because it is one of my favorite pieces of Japanese architecture. To me, it also reminds me of scenes from Sailor Moon, which in turn reminds me of my childhood (which is also why I chose it over Tokyo Skytree -another favorite of mine). I also think it is a wonderful symbol of Japan -romantic, beautiful, forward-looking.  I also wanted something to go along with the name Hikari, which, if you didn’t know, is the Japanese word for light, so in that regard, I think the nighttime skyline with Tokyo Tower as it’s focal point fit perfectly. This theme (called Motion for you other WordPress bloggers) was one of the only themes with a transparent base, allowing for full view of Tokyo.

I’m really glad it turned out just like I envisioned! If you have any comments on anything that needs tweaking, or any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post! Thanks for visiting everyone!

My shishi kimono finally came in (after much hatred towards my mail lady…) and I got the chance to put together the ensemble I’m going to wear to my cousin’s wedding in October! Here’s to hoping the weather is kind, it would be really unfortunate to pass out in the middle of the ceremony!  The kimono drapes really nicely. The original lining is spotty, but the fabric is sound. The hiyoku (fake white collar layer) has recently been replaced, with crisp chirimen silk. The obi has silver pagodas with golden maple and silver and green pine, so it will be perfect for the season, and the pagodas go with the temple lions perfectly! I need to find a gold and silver fan yet, though.  To tie in the hakoseko, I chose the obi-jime Kim gave me which has orange in it. Also, my tabi will be white; I couldn’t find my white ones, so I just used my plain black ones for the sake of not being barefoot. You’ll also have to excuse the Myspace-style bathroom (dirty!) mirror shots, as my room is poorly lit, and you couldn’t really see anything that well.





I just threw up my hair and stuck in my kushi comb for fun.


The inside okumi has a shishi tail!

Full set here.

The kimono, obi, and hakoseko:

Shishi Kurotomesode

Fukuro Obi with Goju-no-tou, Momiji, Trees, and Mountains

Hakoseko with Cranes

This time for the kimono challenge tag, I’ll be covering numbers 5 and 8.


1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
3. Your most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.).
4. Your least used kimono item(s).
5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.
6. What you like and don’t like about kimono.
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).
9. Your biggest kimono fears.
10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.
11. Your kimono collection.
12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
13. Your special kimono memory.

5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.

First up is my bamboo and yabane komon with mahjong chuuya obi. I love how summer-y this outfit is. Definitely one of my ensembles for Otakon.
初めは竹と矢羽の小紋とマージャン昼夜帯だ。 夏みたいなアンサンブルが好きだ。 こらは Otakon でぜったい着る。




Full set here.

Next up is my Meiji style yabane komon and hakama. The kimono and hakama are from Kim, as well as the fan I was carrying that day. I absolutely love the Meiji era, and this outfit takes me back in time.
次は明治スタイル矢飛白小紋と袴だ。着物と袴はきみこからだ,扇子も。 明治時代が大好きで、これを着ろ時に懐古趣味があるのだ。




And last, my second ensemble (and kimono) ever, which I put together for Halloween 2010. I haven’t worn this ensemble since, but I’ve worn the kimono one other time. Everything just came together so well and it really got that spooky vibe I wanted.
最後は私の二番のアンサンブルだ。ハロウイーン2010年に着たのだ。 あの時からまだ着なかったけど、着物は一度着た。 すべてよく似合って、薄気味の悪いのが欲しかった。


Blue-gray Momiji Houmongi

8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).

This dance kimono. It and it’s twins have escaped me 3 times now. One day it will. be. mine.
この踊り着物だ。 これとダブルは三度逃げた。一日ぜったい私のになるよ!


This entire ensemble. It has plaid and fleur-de-lis! What more could I ask for!?!?
すべてのアンサンブルが欲しい。 プラードとフーローデリースがあるのだよ!ほかに何かあるだろう?


This yukata. It’s on noppin now for like $300 dollars. It’s in a bunch of summer kimono magazines, and I’ve just fallen in love with it.
この浴衣も欲しい。 今noppinにあるけど、$300なんだ。。。たくさんの夏の着物の雑誌にあって、これが好きになった。

Magazine yukata 3

Tanabata is my favorite Japanese holiday, and this kimono is just awesome. The color and starry pattern are just perfect.
七夕は一番日本の祭りで、この着物はすごい。 色と星空は完璧だ。

tanabata kimono

And finally, my dream kimono, which escaped me about 2 years ago. I still mourn for it.
末に、 私の夢の着物で、 二年前逃げた。 まだ悔やむ。

Dream Kimono