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Halloween 2013

First of all, I’d like to say I’m really sorry about my lack of updates! I have several planned that I will be posting as soon as possible.  If you didn’t know, I’m currently in Japan studying abroad until May.


When I went to update the blog a a few weeks ago, Flickr was beta-ing their redesign, and the HTML coding was missing from the beta and the original site, so I had to wait until they fixed it.


I didn’t wear kimono from the time of the last post until Halloween except for Otakon, which, due to  a lack of pictures, I regretfully will not be posting about.  So, for Halloween, my dorm and one of the other study-abroad dorms threw a Halloween party, so of course, I took the opportunity to wear kimono.  For this occasion I decided to wear my newly-bought-in-Japan yukata with spider webs and new black hakama. The hakama are a tad long, so I need to hem them a  bit, it’s kind of tedious, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Ryouji and I in our kimono.



Brittany in a lolita cat outfit.



After the party, I changed into something a bit warmer and more comfortable.


Babette as a maid.



Ayaka and I.



Jen as sushi.



The next post will be up shortly, and I have a lot lined up, so please look foward to it!



Kimono Demo for Pitt JCA

Back in October, I did a kimono demo for the Japan Culture Association. I dressed a fellow Japanese student, Loren. Since it was near October, I dressed her in my usual Halloween ensemble. Everyone really seemed to like the demo, and I got a bunch of questions afterwards.







Italian Class Halloween

I’m so sorry everyone for being away for so long! With school having started back up again, I’ve been rather busy, but I have a few things to write about which I’ll hopefully get to this weekend!

Even though we weren’t really affected by it here in Pittsburgh, except for several days of rain, due to Hurricane Sandy here on the East coast, the mayor pushed Halloween back until this Saturday, so more on that later.  But for Halloween, my Italian class was supposed to dress up as something that reminds you of Italy. My teacher is just facinated that my friend Shay and I are Japanese majors, and she likes to make examples out of us in class often. So for Halloween, she asked me if I could dress her up in kimono for class, which I was more than happy to do.  She was just so excited all week to be a professoressa di giapponese, which made me very happy!  She realted it to Italy because Madam Butterfly is one of her favorite operas. Choosing to forgo the extra credit, Shay and I dressed up in kimono too.  I got to wear my casual men’s kimono I got at Otakon, and I went with the Meiji-esque collared shirt underneath (I still need some casual hakama for it to look right). I dressed my professor in front of the class, and I was glad to see they seemed quite intrigued.  We also got Italian goodies and class let out early, so that was really nice too. lol