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Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I have a few that I’ll be doing soon. I’m just kind of doing the ones I want to do right now, so the events that I’m writing about will be slightly out of order. These two events happened on the same weekend, so I’m putting these two together.

We’ll start with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU – a univeristy down the street from my own) Matsuri.  There were some great live performances and a ton of different Japanese foods. I had okonomiyaki, my favorite! My friends and I went down in a group, and I decided the weather would be perfect for my blue wool ensemble. When we got there, we saw two of my Japanese teachers, Tomoda-sensei and Otani-sensei. Tomoda-sensei took some pictures for us:

CMU Matsuri
Everyone ^_^

CMU Matsuri
My ensemble.

I really need to make or buy white haori-himo, but a random and very short shoelace worked just fine, if not a little tacky.

The next was Pitt’s Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) at which I had a table where I dressed up anyone who wanted to in kimono. I had a few different outfits to choose from. No guy did it, but I had several girls who were very excited to get dressed up.










My kouhai Liv


My other kouhai Gina

Two ladies at the table beside me were doing calligraphy for  people. I got to speak to them in Japanese, something I don’t get to do much with people who aren’t my teachers. They wrote “hikari kimono” for me and it’s beautiful. They are very talented.

This event was really tiring, but spreading the kimono love makes it fun! ^_^



Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival

I was informed by Hepkitty on the IG Forums about the Dragon Boat Festival here in Pittsburgh. In years past, Heptkitty and Souso have had an informational booth down at the festival about kimono, but this year, Hepkitty will be unable to make it, so she told us to email the coordinator of the event, Arlene, about doing something this year. Arlene was very nice and offered us a chance to do a demonstration as well as have a booth. So this year, IG member Naoko and I (and maybe some others) will be there in our kimono spreading the love of wafuku! Come join us on Saturday, September 17th at South Side Riverfront Park (next to the Birmingham Bridge) for fun, food, kimono, and other Asian-related events and demonstrations! All relevant information can be found here: http://www.immortalgeisha.com/ig_bb/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=18157