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Back in the beginning of April, the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department at my school had its annual “Spring Fling.” I did a whole kimono demo last year, but to save on time this year and do something different, I did a fukura suzume musubi demo. My friend Mariah volunteered to be my model. I dressed her in kimono behind the scenes, and then just did the obi for the demo. It was actually my first time tying fukura suzume, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I had to reference my book a few times though. At one point I had to have my teacher come over and hold the tesaki while I tied the obi-jime cause I didn’t have enough hands! I’m also jealous how well this kimono fits my friend haha. I didn’t get to wear kimono because as soon as I was done, I had to run to class. =/

四月四日East Asian Languages and Literaturesっていう学部はSpring Flingっていうパーティーをしました。去年着物デモをまるごとしたけど、今年違うのにして、ふくら雀デモをしました。Mariahっていう友達はボランティアのモデルでした。じかんがなくて、デモの前に着せて、デモのために帯しか結ばなかったのです。実はふくら雀を結ぶのが初めてだったので、見た目がよかったとおもいます。本を何度か見なくてはなりませんでしたけどね。私の手だけ足りなかったから、先生が手伝わなければ一人でできなかったのです!その先すぐ授業があったから、着物を着れてしまわなかったのです。





Spring Fling 2

Spring Fling 3

spring fling 2013  kanisawa


Spring Fling 1




How did I do? ^_^


Recent Wins 1

Just a quick post with some recent wins. First off, I got a hakoseko from Shinei’s website. A hakoseko is very close to what we call a clutch purse; it’s generally smaller, though. They were extremely fashionable in the Edo era, and are now mostly used in the wedding outfit (which itself is from the Edo era as well). These days, some hakoseko have many accessories, including a birabira and a tassel. Here is mine, which has cranes, my favorite motif!

Hakoseko with Cranes

My next win I got super lucky with. I scored this kurotomesode for $10. It has some awesome embroidered shishi (temple guardian lions). I think this will be the kimono I wear to my cousin’s wedding in October.

Shishi Kurotomesode

Shishi Kurotomesode Detail

I’m going to try something new. In order to practice my Japanese, I’m going to try to make my posts bilingual. I apologize for any mistakes or strange word choice; my Japanese is still very basic.

最近の買取で早いポストだけだ。一番、しねいのサイトではこせこを買った。 はこせこは、アメリカでクラチイパースが同じようだ。 それは江戸時代中粋だった。 このごろ、たいて結婚式の衣(江戸時代からも)で使ってる。 今日、はこせこは小物があるんだ、なんてびらびらと房。これは私のです。 一番モチフーの鶴があるんだ。

次の落札はとってもラッキーだった。 十ドルで買った。 すごい刺繍された獅子があるんだ。 いとこの結婚式のl日に着るとおもっているんだ。