This is a list of kimono shops on eBay that you can trust to give you authentic kimono; if you mouse over the links, the seller’s name will appear. However, I am not responsible for your individual experiences with these sellers. The ones that are starred are those whom I have bought from before.

apr-japan (large selection, can be expensive)

*ARIGATO EBISU (wide assortment of Japanese items, a few kimono and stuff)

Arigato-EBISU 1st (same as above)

*Kimonoya Japan (one of my favs, rather expensive, but great to do business with)

HOWARD-IAN (great for cheap informal tabi)

*JAPANESE ART&DESIGN (great for everything kimono and antiques)

*Japan Variety Shop (random assortment of Japanese products)

*Kimono Best Buy (kimono items only)

kimonoexport-nagoya (just a few items)

*kimonokyotojapan (fabric and some pieces)

Kitty Corner (bento and komono)

*Ookini Nippon (vintage items)

Kyoto Collection (a few kimono and stuff)

*Japan ITME Y/M (nice, cheap items)

J-vintage com (few items)

pirot29 (kimono items only, some IG members have had trouble, but they seem to be doing fine now)

*ANTIQUE RYU JAPAN (great store with amazing selection, see this IG thread for details, I have personally had no problems since their takeover by Shinei)

*Shinei Antique KIMONO (huge selection like Ryu, were doing fine until their expansion, I personally have had no problems with them) (for the moment, they are only listing items under Antique Ryu Japan)

shinomiya (US seller with komono only)

silkgardenz (kimono fabrics)

Bitta Lime (kimono fabrics)

*soramametarou0420 (cheap kimono)

tokyo-trend (more expensive, but unique pieces)

*Vintage Kimono Yamatoku-Classic (he may be out of eBay for good, but he’s come back before)

kimono-wholesale (cheaper pieces)


Auction Sniper (a sniping service)

EZsniper (a sniping service)