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Katsucon Panel Pictures

Hello everyone!

If you attended my panel at Katsucon and got pictures, could you comment on this post or send me an email please? I didn’t think to have anyone take any for me, and I’d like some for the blog. >.<

Thank you to everyone who came, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you also to my volunteer Emily and Andy who recognized me from my Youtube videos!


Otakon 2012

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long; I was preparing for Otakon for the month and a half prior.  But I have a few posts to make up for it. Friday was cosplay day, and I dressed up as Mori Ranmaru from Pokemon Conquest. I’ll do another blog post about that later.  Friday was pretty chill, I bought a new men’s gray tsumugi so now I have some casual men’s wear.  Rachel, Collin, and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, and of course I had to have the general Tsao’s; how else do you judge a Chinese restaurant?


For dinner, I went to a pretty authentic Irish restaurant called Tir Na Nog in the Inner Harbor with my friend Cooper. It’s really nice and is on the second story, overlooking the harbor. I got fish and chips and we caught the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We sat there in awe, it was just amazing! Afterwards, I made Cooper do an impromptu photoshoot for me by the fountain.  Looking at the pictures now, I was a tad disheveled, but hey, we were walking around in 9o° F+ weather. I’m still really happy with them.






Saturday was our big day!  9:30-11:30AM workshop was a huge success! We got about a 40-50 person turn out.  The models were so happy to be dressed up, which made me really happy. We did men’s kimono with hakama, women’s yukata, women’s informal (komon with nagoya obi), and women’s kurotomesode with fukuro. If you were at the workshop, tell us how we did in the comments, and tell us what you would like to see or have us change about it for next year! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!




Then, we had the pleasure of helping people dress; it was a lot of fun! I got to speak to man who was a JET; just what I want to do! so that was really nice. I also got to talk to a guy who worked in Japan, and I loved listening to his stories as well. While I was helping the guys, Rachel was helping out the girls.



Then I went off with my friend Cooper for a photoshoot with his friends/cosplay group. They did Hitman cosplays, which admittedly, I know next to nothing about. I more or less took pictures for him, and I got some pics of the Zelda photoshoot beside us while I was at it. And I got some Assassin’s Creed for my friend.







We visited my favorite vendor, Yokodana Kimono, before he headed off for our big dinner. I just love these two; they are wonderful.


Dinner was a blast, and the food was great. I was so happy to see everyone have such a good time.




Rachel, Collin, and my sushi boat.


And then mochi icecreaaammmmm!!! Red bean (my favorite) and green tea!



Once we were back at the hotel, I had Jean take some pictures for me.





And Izzy’s rave outfit.


I just went and hung around the convention a little more, then went to hang out with Cooper for the night.
Sunday was pretty chill, no cosplay or kimono. That’s it for now! I have a few more posts I’m working on, and school will be starting soon, so I’ll be able to pay more attention to the blog again.

Tekkoshocon X 2012

Tekkoshocon, my home town’s convention, celebrated its 10th annivery this past weekend. I’ve been going to Tekko since I was a sophomore in high school, and to my dismay, it’s gone down hill in my opinion. The main reason for this is it’s movement from the David L Lawrence Convention center to the Wyndham Grand Hotel Pittsburgh. Tekko boasts about 3000 attendants each year, which is quite large. The hotel doesn’t really fit that many people well. Things maybe looking up though as rumor has it that it may be moving back after we were able to book all the reserved rooms at the hotel and then some. But I digress. This year was actually quite fun as I had a friend come along with me on Saturday and I met up with a few other friends. As I said in my last post, I also got a nice turn out for my panel.

I didn’t take many pictures this year, but here are the ones I took:

First, I did a Meiji-inspired outfit that I saw in a manga. I used my favorite dance piece with a white polo underneath, completed with hakama and no obi. This is one of my new favorite outfits! It was super comfy and flow-y and I felt like it was greatly my style. I definitely love Meiji inspired outfits and I would love to explore this style more.


011 (1)

I also got to meet Youtube star Dejavudea and she was kind enough to take a picture with me. As you can see, I also wore my yukata outfit this weekend, which I’ve already shown a few times.

As for cosplay pictures, I only have two. The first is a picture of King Kazma, a character from one of my favorite anime movies, Summer Wars (サマーウォーズ).

Lastly, I got a picture of three awesome cosplayers as white-outfit Marth from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and Cloud Strife (Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 outfit).

I’m sorry I don’t have more for you, but there a few things coming soon as well  as an analytical/historical post to change things up a little.

Tekkoshocon Panel 2012

I’d like to thank everyone who came to my panel this year for Tekko! There was a great turnout and I had two very lovely volunteers. I also want to thank Emma who was nice enough to come help me as well as share her knowledge. If anyone has any pictures they took, please contact me; I wasn’t able to get any. It is always wonderful to teach people who have a genuine interest in kimono.

I want to make a very important note. If you are searching for kimono via my favorite sellers method and you are getting a lot of dresses and slutty, fake kimono, you aren’t doing anything wrong. For some people as of late, eBay’s advanced search by saved seller function hasn’t been working. What you need to do is delete all cookies from eBay from your browser. If it happens again, re-clear the cookies.

I’d once again like to thank everyone and remind you that if you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask me!

Otakon…  Friday was when busiest day, so this post is mostly about it. I procrastinated so long with this post, I don’t remember too much of the weekend, but Friday had the most kimono, so that’s what I’ve written about. Sorry for the wait!

When I got into the dealer’s room, I immediately went on the hunt for kimono. The first booth I ended up at was Yokodana Kimono. They had a great selection of kimono, nagajuban, haori, and men’s kimono, all at a flat $55 (not bad for the quality of the pieces that they had). The woman running the booth was a sweet, older Japanese woman with whom I can only assume was her husband.  They were both very helpful and very nice. I bought my men’s kuromontsuki kimono with awesome asanoha crests there.

Men's Kuromontsuki Kimono

The woman loved my ensemble (this one) and was impressed by my knowledge of kimono. So how did she know I knew so much about kimono? Well, I ended up hanging out at their booth for quite some time helping other customers, to the point where other people thought I worked there. While I was helping out, I met Jennifer, a very nice (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying) 46 year-old woman. She was eyeing up a beautiful kuro-tomesode with a large, gold,  fully embroidered design of chrysanthemums and something else… I explained to her what is was and she ended up buying it along with an amazing blue tsukesage with Heian noble people. I told her that she was going to need some more things to have a complete ensemble and that I would help her get everything. So off we went on what would come to be a rather expensive adventure. Our next stop was Kyoto Kimono. This booth was run by who I believe to be Nancy McDonough (from the business card) and her daughter. Nancy was very nice and her daughter had taken some older haori and given them new life by painting some fabulous designs on them which I thought at first were original to the pieces. While we were there, Jennifer picked out a lovely green fukuro obi with painted calligraphic designs (she has a real eye for coordination) for her kuro-tomesode.  While we browsed the store, I continued helping random people in the store and picked up an adorable pair of children’s tabi for my nephew. I found an amazingly long vintage haori while I was there, but at $60, I decided to wait until we hit up the rest of the kimono vendors. But I eventually got it along with an amazing men’s juban, and Nancy gave me $20 for bringing business into the store lol. Here are my purchases:

Vintage Men's Black Haori with Scenery and Gourds

Men's Nagajuban with Shibori Birds

While we were there, we met up with Rachel (Tzipurrah on the IG Forums) and her boyfriend Collin who joined us on our adventure. Rachel wore a stylish vintage komon (lined!!!) with an amazingly elegant white nagoya obi and light blue accessories (this outfit) and Collin wore a very nice blue and brown men’s set (with haori! they’re insane)

Link to their picture.

Next stop was Arise Bazaar.  We didn’t get anything there because, honestly, their prices were absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, your at a convention. No one is going to drop $250 on a vintage juban which I have seen multiples of while scouring eBay. I didn’t think their service was that nice either. So on to the last stop, Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters. The owner, also Jennifer, was very welcoming and later indulged us by showing us two Meiji era pieces which were a real treat to see. She said she only shows them to people who “know their stuff.” Jennifer picked out a white and gold obi-jime suitable for her kuro-tomesode without any sort of guidance from anyone. I was more than impressed by her intuition in picking up on such an obscure detail. She must have been Japanese in a past life. Rachel found a lovely purple and pinkish iro-tomesode, but had to resist due to the price.  Rachel and Collin went off to meet us later for dinner and to meet up with Elena (YukoIchihara on IG), and Jennifer and I headed back  to Yokodana kimono to get her a nagajuban. After much discussion, we picked out a white and pink nagajuban with bonus chikara nuno already attached! Now, with (mostly) complete ensemble in hand, we went to meet up with Rachel again.  Rachel and I did a quick kitsuke job on Jennifer with koshi-himo made from Rachel’s con badge lanyard and a bunko musubi since we didn’t have a makura to make a taiko musubi with. Here are the results:

Jennifer Otakon 2011 1

Pretty good for such an impromptu and ghetto dressing! And so we said goodbye to Jennifer, who sadly couldn’t make it out to dinner with us. Collin drove us all to Sushi Hana (which was so nice of him!) The waitresses at Sushi Hana for some unknown reason wore light blue kimona and matching “obi” which I can sort of understand, since they carry around food, but I would think that there could be some better way of doing it. But that didn’t take away from the AWESOME sushi we had and the great atmosphere. We didn’t get as many strange looks as I thought we would, considering the restaurant isn’t actually in Baltimore, and we didn’t have the “we’re at a convention” excuse. Over the course of Thursday and Friday night, I dressed up all the girls. You can see them in this set in my Flickr. The ones at the end are of me.

I’ve had this yukata for about a year now and just recently found an obi that I think does it justice. After losing one of my first auctions (another crane yukata), Moonblossom, a mod on the IG Forums, was very kind and showed me this yukata on eBay, and I instantly fell in love with it. So now I finally get to give back the favor by showing it off.  This is still one of my favorite kimono and still my only yukata. I got the odori hanhaba from Shinei (and had to pay EMS to get it here in time, or else I would have gotten it for nice and cheap). This is outfit 1 of 3 for Otakon. I didn’t think about it, but when I wear this to the con, I’m going to use my silver obi-jime with the crane obi-dome I traded Tzippurah-san for.

IG thread here.

If you know me from the IG Forums, chances are you know of my obsession with dance kimono (odori kimono). They are kimono meant to be worn for traditional Japanese dance and they can usually be defined by a few common features: unlined, synthetic, half-width collar, bold or contrasting colors or designs, and sometimes liberal use of metallics. Dance kimono are most commonly houmongi in pattern but they can be any type of kimono, including yukata (generally used for matsuri). I currently own 4 dance kimono and plan on wearing two of them to Otakon. I called this outfit #3 because it will probably be the last kimono I wear at Otakon, and I’ll soon update the blog with the other two outfits before I leave. I knew when I saw this kimono on eBay, I had to have it. So anyways, this is the picture of the kimono in question:

Shamisen Dance Kimono

I finally got an obi to pair with it. It’s a Taisho era chuuya obi (double-sided, fukuro style, nagoya length obi) that was pointed out to be by BikaBika of the IG Forums after I noted that I wanted a kimono item with mahjong tiles or hanafuda cards on it. One side is the awesome side with the mahjong tiles, name cards, various crests, and a scale pattern called iroko. The other side however, is a very pink, very floral, Taisho-style design which is just, um… not my thing… BUT you don’t see it so who cares?

Mahjong Chuuya Obi Front

Mahjong Chuuya Obi Back

I was feeling inspired by this picture of a jikata geiko early that morning.

Mieko, jikata geiko san

So I criss-crossed my obi and used a white obi-age since a) it was the best match I had and b) this geiko didn’t seem to mind mixing white and beige. So finally, here are the pictures!

Clicking them will bring you to the set on my Flickr. I’ve been having trouble with my collar lately; do you think that I brought it down too low? Comments and critiques are welcome! =)


So I just found out I’m going to Otakon! Otakon is the largest anime convention on the East Coast held down in Baltimore, this year on July 29-31. It’s been my dream for about 4 years now to go to this convention, and now I get to go!

My friend made a facebook status about entering her costume in the hall cosplay contest, and I commented jokingly telling her to take me with her.  Another friend of mine who is going with her said that I should come and that there was one seat open in the car and to ask my friend who is driving.  So I asked and she said she would love for me to go!  And even luckier, I was somehow able to change my college orientation date (which was on the day we leave)!  And if things can’t get any better, I’m going to have a meet-up with some of the girls from the Immortal Geisha forums including Oni-san, Tzippurah-san, and Lightspeedgoddess-san!  I can’t wait! I already have my outfits planned! I just need to finish the new sleeves for my juban, buy a comfortable pair of zori, and pre-reg, and I’m Otakon bound!

I’ll be sure to try my best to document this and share it with everyone!