My name is Evan (hikari_evyon on the Immortal Geisha Forums). I’ve been collecting kimono since June 2010. My interest in Japanese culture started when I was in 8th grade when my best friend introduced me to J-Pop. I’m a Japanese and Anthropology double  major at the University of Pittsburgh. But my interests are actually pretty diverse! ^^;
This blog is going to mainly focus on kimono, but I plan on making posts about Japanese music, anime and anime conventions, manga, costuming/cosplaying,  kabuki theatre, video games, maybe even some K-Pop stuff, and some stories.
At the top of the blog, there is a  kimono information tab that has a glossary of terms, as well as a kanji breakdown for a lot of those words.  The blogs link will direct you to the blogs of my fellow IG members. Ebay links cover links to the stores of eBay sellers who are reliable kimono vendors. The IG forums link will direct you to useful threads in the Immortal Geisha forum, the #1 site for everything kimono and other traditional arts. Other kimono links has various links to other websites with info and instructions on kimono. Then, there is a Convention Document tab which you can use to access resources that have been presented at various anime conventions. There is also a search bar up top which finds posts by tags.

To the right, you can find the links for my official Facebook page, which you can like to stay up to date on the blog as well as see other things that may not make it onto here, and the link to my YouTube channel where you will find a growing number of educational videos. You will also see a link to my Flickr which contains my kimono collection, as well as ensembles; the pictures shown are the latest uploads. Below that, you have the option to receive email updates if Facebook isn’t your thing. Categories will link to posts by the category to which I assign them.  Archives organize posts by month.

Feel free to comment on posts and subscribe! If you have any suggestions, questions you want me to answer, or topic you’d like me to post about,  just say so! The Facebook page is also an easy way to contact me via PM.