My shishi kimono finally came in (after much hatred towards my mail lady…) and I got the chance to put together the ensemble I’m going to wear to my cousin’s wedding in October! Here’s to hoping the weather is kind, it would be really unfortunate to pass out in the middle of the ceremony!  The kimono drapes really nicely. The original lining is spotty, but the fabric is sound. The hiyoku (fake white collar layer) has recently been replaced, with crisp chirimen silk. The obi has silver pagodas with golden maple and silver and green pine, so it will be perfect for the season, and the pagodas go with the temple lions perfectly! I need to find a gold and silver fan yet, though.  To tie in the hakoseko, I chose the obi-jime Kim gave me which has orange in it. Also, my tabi will be white; I couldn’t find my white ones, so I just used my plain black ones for the sake of not being barefoot. You’ll also have to excuse the Myspace-style bathroom (dirty!) mirror shots, as my room is poorly lit, and you couldn’t really see anything that well.





I just threw up my hair and stuck in my kushi comb for fun.


The inside okumi has a shishi tail!

Full set here.

The kimono, obi, and hakoseko:

Shishi Kurotomesode

Fukuro Obi with Goju-no-tou, Momiji, Trees, and Mountains

Hakoseko with Cranes