Hi everyone!  I’m excited to officially share with you the midnight premier of the new blog design! It actually took me quite a long time to get it to my liking. I think it’s much more mature looking than the old blog design, and much prettier to look at.  All the widgets are in the same place in the right sidebar, and the page tabs are up at the top. There is a new addition at the very bottom of the page displaying the most popular posts and pages, the site stats, and monthly archives. The blog theme also came with a random box in the upper right which said something stupid, so I thought I would add my own little haiku! ^^

I chose Tokyo Tower to be the blog’s new theme because it is one of my favorite pieces of Japanese architecture. To me, it also reminds me of scenes from Sailor Moon, which in turn reminds me of my childhood (which is also why I chose it over Tokyo Skytree -another favorite of mine). I also think it is a wonderful symbol of Japan -romantic, beautiful, forward-looking.  I also wanted something to go along with the name Hikari, which, if you didn’t know, is the Japanese word for light, so in that regard, I think the nighttime skyline with Tokyo Tower as it’s focal point fit perfectly. This theme (called Motion for you other WordPress bloggers) was one of the only themes with a transparent base, allowing for full view of Tokyo.

I’m really glad it turned out just like I envisioned! If you have any comments on anything that needs tweaking, or any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post! Thanks for visiting everyone!