I changed the widgets on the right side of my blog  a little bit, so now there is a link to my Facebook group from which you can receive notifications of new posts if you are subscribed to the group. You can still find the email subscription link at the bottom of the widget bar if you don’t want to use Facebook. I also added the link to my YouTube channel. While it’s pretty scarce right now, there will be more videos to come!  Also, at the bottom of the sample Flickr photos, there is a link to my photostream. I’ve also gotten rid of the redundant search bar which I never noticed. If you’ve tried to use it in the past, you might have noticed it didn’t work, but I’ve recently added tags to all my old post, so it should work now.

If you check the kimono information tab at the top of the blog, you will notice that I’ve finally finished the glossary. I will still be adding terms as I think of them. You will also notice that below that, I’ve given a kanji look-up for a ton of words, and defined the individual kanji to help deepen our understanding of kimono terms.

Under the kimono blogs sub-tab, I’ve added a lot of new blogs! If you’re an IG member and you see your blog listed, please state your blog and IG username so I can put a name to the blog. Thank you!

The next thing I’ll be re-doing is the eBay links sub-tab as I’ve added quite a few sellers to my favorite list since I last edited the blog list. After that will be the IG links sub-tab.