I finally got around to restoring the sleeves on my Taisho komon.  The Taisho era (1912-1926) (大正時代 taishou jidai) was known for it’s fantastic bold designs, but it was also when kimono sleeves were their longest. As shorter sleeves came into fashion, people tended to shorten the sleeves of their older kimono. Luckily, my kimono’s last owner apparently couldn’t bear to cut the fabric, so instead, the just hemmed the extra material into the inside of the sleeve. I took pictures as I released the hem and the description of each step is below the picture. After all was said and done, 17cm of extra fabric was let out, making the piece not only, obviously Taisho, but restoring it to it’s retro awesome-ness.

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You can see the crease from the hem her, so from there to the bottom is the difference.