Ever since I’ve gotten to college, I’ve gotten to dress up a few friends of mine.  My friend Anna says it’s a trap: whenever I invite someone over, I somehow persuade them to let me dress them up or check out my kimono. ^^  She won’t let me have the pictures of her in kimono and they’re on her phone, so for now I have just a few to share.

First, my friend Chantel, who I met in Japanese, and I dressed up for the last day of Japanese class last semester. I wore my men’s ensemble and I dressed her up in my Meiji-inspired hakama and yabane outfit (which I thought was appropriate, as we were going to class).

 Chantel and I Kimono Pitt 2011
Excuse my derpface..

Chantel and Anna Kimono Pitt 2011
Her and Anna, excuse my friend Kevin’s photobomb… haha

Next, my friend Garret showed a little interest in being dressed up (big mistake). So I dressed him up in my full men’s ensemble to show what it was like to wear everything at once. I wore my kurotomesode as I wanted to try the obi I borrowed from Kim with it. Here are the results (we ended up looking like a married couple going to our child’s wedding hahahaha!)

I couldn’t get him to pose seriously…

I hope to be adding many more entries like this in the future! It’s a lot of fun to dress up with friends! ^^