Just a small post about the two newest additions to my collection.

At the Dragon Boat Festival, my friend Kim (Naoko on the Forums) mentioned that she wanted a yabane komon. Naturally, Shinei listed an awesome yabane komon that I knew was totally me. So I proposed that if Kim could win the auction, I’d trade her for my purple yabane komon. And she did, so let me introduce you to my new kimono:

Blue, Gray, and White Yabane Komon

And then last week, another awesome kimono came along that I just couldn’t resist >.<

Striped Komon

It’s like all my favorite colors in one kimono! The left sleeve is sewn sort of weird, so I’m curious to see why. This was listed as an odori kimono, which I’m not 100% sure about, but if it is, that brings my odori kimono count to 5.