I got this kimono while I was away at Otakon using a sniping service. I didn’t expect to win it because kimono with this type of technique tend to get quite pricey as well as the fact that the motif is rather well loved, especially on the IG Forums.  The auction photos showed this kimono as white, so I was kind of disappointed when it arrived and it was light beige. I still really love this kimono though. The fabric is strange; I think it’s chirimen, only very flimsy and it has a rough texture. It’s kind of strange to dress in for this reason. I was trying to make due with the obi I had, so I thought this one was best. I tried black, but it looked strange, because the sumi-e isn’t black at any point, just a really dark gray. This was one of my first obi and I love it, so I’m glad that I finally have a kimono to pair with it. I tried black accessories at first, the changed to red cause the black didn’t look right again. I feel like red was a safe choice though. What color accessories would you choose? Depending on the weather, and because this is my only fitting kimono with a water motif, I think I’ll wear this to the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. If it’s too cold by then, I think I’ll wear my stippled komon I mentioned in my first post.

Here’s the auction photo:

Houmongi with Sumi-e Nami-Chidori

Here’s the obi:

Fukuro Obi with Abstract Pattern

Here is with the black accessories:

And here are the rest with the red accessories: