I’ve had this yukata for about a year now and just recently found an obi that I think does it justice. After losing one of my first auctions (another crane yukata), Moonblossom, a mod on the IG Forums, was very kind and showed me this yukata on eBay, and I instantly fell in love with it. So now I finally get to give back the favor by showing it off.  This is still one of my favorite kimono and still my only yukata. I got the odori hanhaba from Shinei (and had to pay EMS to get it here in time, or else I would have gotten it for nice and cheap). This is outfit 1 of 3 for Otakon. I didn’t think about it, but when I wear this to the con, I’m going to use my silver obi-jime with the crane obi-dome I traded Tzippurah-san for.

IG thread here.