So I just found out I’m going to Otakon! Otakon is the largest anime convention on the East Coast held down in Baltimore, this year on July 29-31. It’s been my dream for about 4 years now to go to this convention, and now I get to go!

My friend made a facebook status about entering her costume in the hall cosplay contest, and I commented jokingly telling her to take me with her.  Another friend of mine who is going with her said that I should come and that there was one seat open in the car and to ask my friend who is driving.  So I asked and she said she would love for me to go!  And even luckier, I was somehow able to change my college orientation date (which was on the day we leave)!  And if things can’t get any better, I’m going to have a meet-up with some of the girls from the Immortal Geisha forums including Oni-san, Tzippurah-san, and Lightspeedgoddess-san!  I can’t wait! I already have my outfits planned! I just need to finish the new sleeves for my juban, buy a comfortable pair of zori, and pre-reg, and I’m Otakon bound!

I’ll be sure to try my best to document this and share it with everyone!