So I’ve thought long and hard about what to write for my first post. I figured it should probably be kimono related, but I thought of a better idea. Why not go back to the very beginning of it all? The beginning of my obsession with Japanese culture.

My mom has always enjoyed oriental aesthetics, but since the internet wasn’t around yet, her knowledge of the things she collected was limited, and that pretty much hasn’t changed.  In comes my best friend Ashley.  We met eachother because we sat at the same lunch table in 8th grade. We didn’t talk until she asked me quite a random question: “Do you know about Sailor Moon?”  Well, it was only my favorite show ever since I was like 5… When I told her this, she got very excited. I knew from that moment on we’d be best friends. She started explaining to me what anime was and also told me about her extensive manga collection.  We hung out at her house a few times for “anime nights” and watched Sailor Moon movies and talked about anime. She explained that there wass a fifth and final season of Sailor Moon (Stars) which never aired in America. So I went home and watched it. When we hung out again, she showed me how to put the theme song on my iPod and gave me some of her Japanese music to listen to. Among those songs were Utada Hikaru’s Sactuary, Passion, Hikari (from which I derive my meme), and Simple and Clean. Before my iPod Nano died, I had listened to the Sailor Stars Song (Hanazawa Kae) about 2000 times. I think my mom still knows the lyrics… To this day, it is my number one favorite song, and the song that marks the beginning of my obsession with Japanese Culture.

So here it is, the Sailor Stars Song! (There is also a full version, available for download at